FIABCI December Business Meetings
Brussels Thur. 14/01 - Sat. 16/01/2016

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A warm welcome to Belgium!

hendrik nelde


FIABCI Belgium would love to see all FIABCI members in the HEART OF EUROPE in January 2016! With our organisation on the move it might be the perfect moment to have long-time-no-see members back at our Business Meetings. The dramatic Paris situation gave stress to all European cities and their visitors.  


Dearest FIABCI Enthusiasts!

It is our intention and goal to make everybody feel fine and happy, reunite and at the same time DOING BUSINESS! The World Councils are running smooth and their specialties will for sure make a big contribution at that point.

The location in Brussels HOTEL THON BRISTOL STEPHANIE at Avenue Louise and its surroundings (known by worlds’ shoppers and business men) won’t disappoint.

We have professionals to help, and our Belgian Past President Patrice Spadone does not spare any energy to coordinate and making sure everything will be fine.

We prepare for success and wonderful Working Days. Starting January 14this year! It is only YOU and your colleagues we need to make it happen!

Look for cheap flight- tickets NOW, register NOW onsite: and bring your colleagues to represent your region.

The international aspect of the city and location has already been proved. The good connections to the world gives extra reasons to come, but also our Belgian Beer, our world famous chocolates, French fries, lace, diamonds and so much more…

The beautiful architecture, the rich history but especially the stable Real Estate market might become an example or an inspiration for some, if you were still in doubt to save the date…

A fringe program for your companion and the board of FIABCI-Belgium opening their arms to welcome YOU!

Hendrik Nelde, President FIABCI-Belgium

For the organising committee



Belgium: A country with three touristic Regions


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